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Business Continuity

True 24/7/365 Availability

Do you ever wonder how you would keep your business running in the face of a natural disaster or other calamitous event? Many business owners never plan or prepare for such events and when they strike- and they will- their businesses never recover.

With Futura International Hosted Service, our business continuity software and platform ensure that your business stays up and running no matter what.  We utilize enterprise-class data centers for storing your data.  We have a direct point-to-point link between our data centers that replicate your data between the centers all-day, everyday.  Whether you utilize our advanced web-based access platform or just our offsite backup systems, your data is always secure and always available.  In the event of catastrophic failure, our backup proces will ensure that your system is up and running in an expediate manner.

Futura’s Business Continuity platform offers you:

Tier III Data Centers

The integrity of your business is one of our primary concerns.  Futura has invested in locating our servers and network infrastructure in two, highly secure, multi regional Tier III data centers.  Physical access to all data center floor space is secured with a combination of digital camera, proximity card and biometric scanners.  Required for entrance are three factor authentications requiring a photo id to proceed past the "man trap", authenticated card key and biometric hand scan to gain access to the data center.  The Network Operations Centers (NOC) are located on site and manned 24x7x365. NOC and facilities personnel perform regular, thorough walkthroughs of the entire facility.  These walkthroughs include areas such as the roof, outside perimeter of the building, data center space and vital operations areas.  During this time, the NOC staff confirms that all security measures are intact and that there are no operational abnormalities.


Enterprise Class Hardware

Futura International chose IBM to deliver the server space and storage required to meet our customer’s expectations and needs for high reliability at a low cost.  We have implemented IBM System x3850 M2 and IBM System x3650 enterprise servers, along with IBM System Storage N3600 SAN’s, in two data centers.  These systems were implemented to deliver the 99.999% percent reliability our customers demand.

To find out more about keeping your business running no matter what, call us at 1.800.840.6057. We are also available via email at sales@futuraintl.com.