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Clinical Features

Clinical Features

Many of our customers work in industries where there is more than one field of endeavor. As an example, a medical practice works in both the business arena and the arena of patient care. In many ways, it is like having two businesses operating as one. Understanding this, we develop our solutions to ensure that they help both sides of your business operate at maximum levels of effectiveness and efficiency. On the clinical side of your business our software solutions, we offer the following feature set:

Customizable Forms

Futura provides the ability to create custom detailed data entry forms that are designed to become a permanent part of your patients’ health records. Do you have a specific form or set of data that you are interested in recording? We add or create the data entry form or data set to your specifications, and integrate it into your system through a simple file upload. Once entered, Futura’s custom report writer generates reports and graphs combining your custom data with our standard EHR information.

LMN Builder

Futura provides the ability to create either complex or simple Letters of Medical Necessity (LMNs), based on the needs of your patients and the requirements of your business. With our Builder, industry-standard LMN templates merge with patient data to produce a word processing document that can be customized in free-form mode. In essence, the Builder bundles standard LMN content, based on previously successful LMNs, into a wizard-style selector allowing LMNs to be constructed on the fly or section-by-section.

Prescription Tracking

Track your prescription expiration refills and maximize medical dispensing with our system. Produce merge letters to email, fax or mail for renewals at the touch of a button.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Futura provides an integrated EHR system that permits importing documents, images, and PDFs. We also support an e-mail gateway to transfer items via a simple e-mail transport. Once attached to the patient, items can be annotated but not altered. All images are assigned an image class for easy sorting.

Inventory Tracking

No matter what business you are in, inventory is always a time consuming task… but not with Futura! We track your inventory allowing you to see in real time product availability, provide reports down to a per product basis and make finding certain items easy with our intuitive search engine. Futura will make all your inventory nightmares a memory of the past!

To find out more about sophisticated clinical features for the clinical side of your business, call us at 1.800.840.6057. We are also available via email at sales@futuraintl.com.