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Patient Outreach

Outreach Features

Manually tracking and ensuring follow-up appointments is tedious, expensive, and inefficient. Using an automated patient outreach program leads to reduced costs and increased patient satisfaction.  Futura partners with Solution Reach to bring you the tools you need to enhance communication between the physician office and the patient.


Customize automated messages, in English as well as Spanish.  Improve patient satisfaction with personlized patient call preferences for contact time, contact number and other information. 


Facilities can record their own greeting for outgoing messages, putting patients at ease with a more personal touch.

Imrpove Efficiency

Make manual appointment confirmation calls a thing of the past with Futura's Outreach Features. Your staff will no longer need to spend time confirming appointments, increasing efficiency and productivity.  Multiple messages can be sent out simultaneously, saving staff time whether for sick practitioner,  health alerts/updates, or inclement weather.


To find out more about Patient Outreach features for  your business, call us at 1.800.840.6057. We are also available via email at sales@futuraintl.com.